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Why Pedisystems?

Every building requires 18-20 feet of entrance flooring.

Ninety-five percent of dirt in any facility is tracked in from the outside. To effectively scrape, trap and dry the feet of incoming visitors and prevent dangerous, costly slips and falls from wet or slushy shoes and boots, 18-20 feet, or eight paces, of entrance flooring is recommended.

Effective entrance flooring reduces maintenance costs.

The estimated cost to remove one pound of dirt from floor surfaces is $600. According to the USGBC, a building owner can reduce cleaning costs by 30-50% by using an effective entrance flooring product. For example, according to LEED indoor air quality credit 5, in Chicago, savings were proven to be 41 cents for each sq. ft. or an incredible $41,000 per year for a 100,000 sq. ft. building!

Enter Pedisystems – exit slippery, dirty floors.

C/S Pedisystems offers a cost effective way to trap dirt. It can also greatly extend the life of floor finishes and reduce slip/fall accidents associated with wet floors. An 18-foot Pedisystem will remove 98% of tracked in dirt and slippery wetness. An effective entrance system will usually consist of an exterior mat that scrapes, a vestibule mat that traps and hides water and dirt, and a finisher mat to clean and dry any residual dirt and moisture. Whether it's a mat, a grid or carpeting, C/S has an entrance flooring product to meet your needs.